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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He biked to the date, so I figured there was no way serial killers bike to dates.’

Will these two daters rebound from their meeting mix-up?

Max Vilgalys and Charles Cormier.
Max Vilgalys and Charles Cormier.

MAX VILGALYS: 24 / PhD student

On a desert island, he’d bring: Air conditioning, air conditioner repair manual, spare cooling fluid

His hobbies: He’s very adept at jaywalking

CHARLES CORMIER: 25 / assistant director of student philanthropy

His perfect Saturday: A spontaneous adventure always trumps plans

When he is happiest: At a villa in Tuscany reading on the porch every day at sunset



Max There was a Cupid date from another MIT PhD student, and it was . . . cringy, to say the least. I had to redeem my school’s reputation.

Charles Hey, gotta kick-start my reality TV career somehow.


Max It was a comedy of errors meeting one another. For some reason, they sat us at different tables when we arrived, and so we both sat for 20 minutes before we figured things out.

Charles Thankfully, someone put the mystery together and gave us champagne to celebrate our eventual meeting. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Max He was cuter than any of the potential Charleses. The first thing I noticed was his smile, which was warm and welcoming. He had style, and I’m really curious where he got his jacket because I kind of want it.

Charles He certainly was easy on the eyes. Spoiler alert: I find Max quite handsome.


Max He spent much of his undergrad developing curriculum for blind students with learning disabilities. I was struck by how passionate he was about helping others.

Charles I think my first questions for him were if he had been on a blind date before and if he was a serial killer. He told me he biked to the date, so I figured there was no way serial killers bike to dates.

Max We both seemed chill and relaxed, refreshing to find in Boston. He enjoyed his trip to Seattle — I’m from Washington and the Pacific Northwest is the one true love of my life. I liked that he was also a reader — we didn’t find a book we’d both loved, but we both hated Call Me By Your Name, which is honestly just as important.


Charles He is getting a PhD at MIT after doing an undergrad at Stanford, which is impressive to say the least. I also learned that he knows none of the music I listen to, but that didn’t stop me from singing him a few tunes just in case.

Max We ordered fried octopus, a poke bowl, and a basil noodle dish to share, my favorite.

Charles I told him about my very rational hatred of cilantro and how it sneaks up in every meal. Lo and behold, the drink I wanted had cilantro, so I felt vindicated that I had brought this up before ordering. I was pleased he is the kind of guy that will try my drink and let me try his, that says a lot.

Max I had mentally prepared a list of fun medical facts to keep the conversation going, but I didn’t need any of them . . . which, on second thought, is probably for the best. He has a great smile, and he smiled more as the night went on.

Charles I was laughing throughout the whole date. There were definitely moments I got butterflies.


Max We both had to work in the morning, so we called it a night.


Charles We hugged goodbye. It was a nice, solid hug.


Max I think so! I felt like I’d just started to get to know a really kind person.

Charles We have plans for dinner next week.


Max / A

Charles / A

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