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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘The bar had to close early due to a fire’

Will spicy food — and a fire — bring this date to an early end?

Alex  DelloStritto and Jack Williams.
Alex DelloStritto and Jack Williams.

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ALEX DELLOSTRITTO: 23 / product manager

Her hobbies: Signs up for races, doesn’t train for them, runs them anyway, and regrets it afterward

Who plays her in the movie: Betty White — she can do anything

JACK WILLIAMS: 23 / election researcher

His interests: Writing, reading, running

His perfect mate: Would do some honest type of work



Alex When I told my mother I’d been selected, the first thing she asked was “What are you going to wear?” With that in mind, I paid a little more attention to my outfit than usual.


Jack I didn’t prepare much. I stepped away for a moment. When I came back, she was there.

Alex He had nice eyes — a deep, dark brown color. He described them as “sad eyes” but I’d disagree. When he smiled, his whole face lit up. He had slightly messy brown hair. He said he was growing it out to be rebellious.

Jack She was attractive. Really cool/engaging eyes.


Alex We covered the standard subjects: hometowns, colleges, and jobs. He’s from Houston but went to school in D.C. He moved to Boston a few months ago for a job researching elections. We wondered why we were paired up.

Jack She has been in Massachusetts her whole life. She has two older sisters.

Alex We didn’t have much in common. He’s involved in politics, I’m not. I was worried since politics can be a tense topic, but luckily that didn’t lead to any debates.

Jack There were no awkward silences, but there also wasn’t a big connection on any subject.


Alex The waiter told us to order the samosas and papadum. I have a low spice tolerance but didn’t want to show weakness on a first date. Some spice got stuck in my throat, causing me to lose my voice for about 10 minutes. I did my best to hide the tears in my eyes, but I think Jack noticed. He was nice enough to carry the conversation until I recovered.

Jack I ordered lentils. I think I should have ordered something else, but I’m not broken over it.

Alex He’s a friendly guy. He uses the word “y’all,” which instantly makes me like someone more.

Jack I probably said, like, 500 deal breakers. I told her I had zero idea of what I wanted to do with my life, which is often a pretty big deal breaker. Also, I mentioned I don’t really eat sweets.

Alex He waited until the end of the night to tell me that he doesn’t like dessert. That’s going to be tough for me to look past.

Jack On the other hand, she said she was a big fan of capitalism, which is pretty baffling to me.


Alex We decided to get drinks at a nearby bar. He tried to make jokes with the bouncer and none of them landed. It was one of those awkward but endearing moments.

Jack We exchanged numbers at one point, and she sent me a text during the date. I thought that was cute.


Alex The bar had to close early due to a fire on an upper floor. We joked about how it was a convenient excuse to end the date.

Jack We hopped on the T and went our separate ways. I accidentally stole her leftovers.


Alex We might!

Jack Big maybe.


Alex / A-

Jack / A-

Go on a blind date. We’ll pick up the tab. Fill out an application at bostonglobe.com/cupid. Follow us on Twitter @dinnerwithcupid