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Drawing inspiration from her honeymoon, a designer gives her master bathroom a bold update

The starting point: Green tiles inspired by the color of an exotic hotel pool.

Cement tiles with a Moroccan motif by Clé are a bold choice for the floor of Cecilia Casagrande’s Brookline bathroom. sean litchfield

The master bath was the last room in the house to get a makeover, so Cecilia Casagrande and her husband, Joseph, were determined to go all out. “A new bath can cost as much as a kitchen,” says the Brookline-based designer. “We waited until we could make it really special.”

The emerald green terra cotta tile came first, inspired by the couple’s honeymoon to Cambodia, where they stayed at a hotel with a pool tiled in the same hue. “It was the impetus for everything,” Casagrande says.

For the walls, Casagrande had her heart set on a panoramic wallcovering designed by Christian Lacroix, although she admits that wallpaper in a bathroom isn’t always practical. It pictures an exotic garden just outside Paris — another place the couple visited and a city where Casagrande once lived. She had used the pattern in a friend’s kitchen and knew it would be perfect. There was even enough leftover fabric to make a Roman shade.

Casagrande ordered a simple black vanity to pick up on the black in the wallpaper, and added unlacquered brass hardware to it. The countertop is a remnant slab of veined marble cut in a silhouette that fits the room’s Paris meets Morocco feel. When asked if she considered a black toilet, the designer says, “My husband said no way to a black toilet.” After a pause she jokes, “I didn’t want a toilet at all but that seemed extreme, so I compromised with one that has a low tank that doesn’t hide the beautiful paper.”


The lines of the sink and shower fittings, like those of the toilet, are sleek, and the mirror is downright minimal. “You know how you take something off before you go out the door?” Casagrande asks. “I took off the fancy mirror. I go maximalist, then subtract.”


Four-inch-by-4-inch unglazed terra cotta tiles, also by Clé, line the shower. The designer says, “I saw a photo and immediately fell for it.”sean litchfield


Interior design: Cecilia Casagrande Interiors, ceciliacasagrande.com

Drapery workroom: Lori MacKeil Designs, lorimackeil.com

Tile installation: Tile Masters, tilemasters-ma.com


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Drawing inspiration from her honeymoon, a designer gives her master bathroom a bold update

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