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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘It bothered me that he never asked me any questions about my job’

Will this professor who teaches with comic books find a Superman?

Asther Asmelash and Robert Sabharwal.
Asther Asmelash and Robert Sabharwal.

ASTHER ASMELASH: 38 / English professor

What makes her a catch:She teaches English theory based on X-Men, Batman, and Superman comic books

Her perfect Saturday: Good conversation, day trips, snuggling next to a fire

ROBERT SABHARWAL: 42 / tech entrepreneur

What makes him a catch: He’s funny, warm, and charming

His perfect date: He can’t stop thinking about her afterward



Asther Dating apps offer a lot of random results, so I thought I would try something different to shake things up. I was grading papers most of the day. But, I did have a chance to relax with a beer and watch some Queer Eye episodes before heading to the restaurant.


Robert I was the first to arrive and I waited at the bar. Asther showed up a few minutes later, the host pointed me out to her, and I went over and introduced myself.

Asther I was glad to go on a date with someone age appropriate. He dressed in a very sophisticated blazer and matching pants.

Robert I thought she was cute. Great smile.


Asther He was outgoing and talkative. He seems comfortable in his skin and like he has a good time wherever he goes. We mainly talked about the new business venture he started. He seemed passionate about his professional goals.

Robert I learned about her family, where she grew up, her career path, her move to Boston, and most of the basics. She told me a little bit about her career as an English professor.

Asther I found it really interesting that he is half Indian and half Iraqi. I’ve never met someone with this distinct ethnicity before. I thought it was pretty cool to learn more about his background. We are both from immigrant families and have a sense of community passed down from our cultures and heritage. I like this commonality.


Robert We both have multicultural backgrounds but grew up in North America.

Asther I ordered the rigatoni Bolognese for dinner and a dirty martini.

Robert I ordered a steak. We shared the entrees as well as an appetizer of lobster poutine. All the food was delicious.

Asther I didn’t feel an immediate spark. It bothered me that he never asked me any questions about my job, or academic background. I didn’t volunteer the information because I wanted to see if he cared enough to ask. I got more comfortable toward the latter part of dinner, after we had more conversation.


Robert I think by the end of the night we had a good connection. I asked her if she wanted to have a drink.

Asther He asked, but I declined. I needed to get up early the next day.

Robert Once dinner was over, we went outside and walked to the T stop, where we said goodbye.

Asther I gave him a hug. He kissed me on the cheek.


Asther He offered to go to the movies next week. I think developing a friendship and hanging out would be fine. He seems like a lovely man.

Robert I think so. It was fun.


Asther / B-

Robert / A

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