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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He was wearing a nice sweater and a classy watch’

Will these two daters write their own love story?

Michael Lee and Kenzie Sullivan.
Michael Lee and Kenzie Sullivan.

KENZIE SULLIVAN: 25 / teacher

On a desert island, she’d bring: Motivational book, running shoes, and Beats headphones

What makes her a catch: She’s a charitable volunteer, fitness enthusiast, and loyal friend

MICHAEL LEE: 30 / Product researcher

First thing people notice in his home: Signed artwork and other paraphernalia from podcasts

What makes him a catch: He’s nice, sweet, and respectful



Kenzie I was doing my makeup, drinking pinot, and listening to my girl Taylor Swift.

Michael I got a haircut and beard trim, took a nap, and had a coffee to make sure I had energy.


Kenzie I got to the restaurant before him because I am the world’s saddest parallel parker, so I wanted to make sure I could actually get into a spot. The hostess was so excited when I arrived, I felt like a movie star.

Michael She arrived a moment before me.

Kenzie He was very well dressed. To be specific, he was wearing a nice sweater and a classy watch. Also, he was tall.

Michael Cute, blonde, rocking a stylish off-the-shoulder number in a way that would make Taylor Swift jealous.


Kenzie I would definitely classify him as a confident individual. Definitely a smart guy. I thought it was really impressive that he went for a PhD in psychology. Also, he plays the trombone, which is really cool considering I can’t even play the triangle.

Michael We talked about where we were from, what we did, what our family was like. I learned as the evening went on she was an outgoing, talkative person.

Kenzie He was really easy to talk to. We are both family orientated and motivated in our professions. We also had a passion for giving back to our communities; it’s refreshing to know that someone shares that same value.


Michael We were both friendly. Nice, caring, people pleasers. And fans of Brussels sprouts.

Kenzie I love tapas, so it was a great spot. We ordered a weird assortment of food when I look back on it, but we listened to the recommendations of the waiter.

Michael Eggplant fries, Brussels sprouts, burrata — it was all delicious.


Kenzie He was a sweet person, but we were people with different interests. I am definitely into athletics, and that was not something he was passionate about. I like having a guy who can watch football with me on a Sunday.

Michael I didn’t stay confident that we were really right for each other. A series of little things added up: me being a little quieter and introverted, her being more into music than I am. I think we might just be a little too different in personality and interests.

Kenzie I had a house party, so after dinner I had to go. He walked me to my car, which I really appreciated. Chivalry is important.

Michael We exchanged numbers, and said that we had a good time. A kiss might have felt a bit disingenuous, but also might have been the spark we needed.


Kenzie I don’t think we’re a match, but he was lovely to spend an evening with.

Michael I’m open to getting to know her better, but wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t go on another date.


Kenzie / B+

Michael / B+

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