The hidden titans of pot

Massachusetts legalized the sale of recreational marijuana with the ambition to be different — and better. But two years since the law went into effect, troubling signs loom. This three-part series uncovers stealth moves by large investors poised to dominate this nascent industry and outmaneuver regulators.
Part 1

These companies test the limits — and brag about it

No firm is allowed to own or control more than three recreational marijuana stores. But two companies — Sea Hunter and Acreage — are testing the limits.
Part 2

Inside one battle that could change the marijuana industry

The race to open Mattapan Square’s first pot shop raises questions about trust and who gets to cash in.
Part 3

For sale in the pot industry: political influence

Marijuana may be the hot, new retail business in town, but it largely plays by the old political rules.

Two women indicted for allegedly running multimillion-dollar marijuana delivery business

A Milton woman arrested last month for running an illegal online marijuana delivery service has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Worcester, along with another woman who allegedly assisted in the company’s management.

Newton recreational marijuana store gets OK to open

A Newton marijuana dispensary can begin recreational sales as early as this weekend, after state regulators gave it the required sign-off Tuesday.
Are recreational marijuana shops preparing to open in your town? Check our maps

No pot on this table: Boston warns restaurants over marijuana-infused meals

Social equity has been both a sticking point and selling point this year for states weighing whether to allow recreational use of pot.
Massachusetts marijuana cafes get preliminary OK

Joe Biden endorses marijuana decriminalization and rescheduling — but not legalization

Moulton also said he strongly supports safe consumption sites for those addicted to other drugs.

New England

Here’s what happens if the TSA catches you with marijuana at Logan Airport

The Transportation Security Administration has a message for marijuana consumers: We won’t look for your pot, but if we find it, we can’t ignore it either.

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Latest local headlines

Are recreational marijuana shops preparing to open in your town? Check our maps

Data released by the Cannabis Control Commission show where marijuana operators have set up shop and where they hope to.

All 2020 presidential candidates now support marijuana legalization efforts — even the Republicans

Bill Clinton “didn’t inhale” marijuana, and it was Obama’s “mistake,” but now all 12 official Democratic candidates told the Globe they support full nationwide legalization, Canada-style.