Pit bull puppy rescued after being thrown from moving vehicle

An animal control officer rescued a pit bull thrown from a car in East Brookfield this morning, and said it appeared that the animal had been used for dogfighting.

Joseph Blancato Sr. was walking a dog from the town’s Second Chance Animal Center when he saw someone throw “a little pitty” from a moving vehicle on Howe Street, said Sheryl Blancato, his wife, who is also an animal control officer in the town.

Sheryl estimated that the dog is six or seven months old. The dog had severe injuries on his face and legs unrelated to being thrown from the vehicle, leading her to believe the animal had been used as a bait dog in a dogfight.

“This dog himself is too sweet to be a fighting dog,” she said.

Joseph took the animal to the Second Chance center where Sheryl is the executive director. The dog was treated for its injuries and placed on medication to prevent infection. The couple named the dog Blake and reported the incident to town police.


Anyone who wants to help Blake can make a donation to the Second Chance Animal Shelter at 111 Young Road, P.O. Box 136 in East Brookfield.

Blake will be put up for adoption by the shelter after his medical issues are resolved.

Jaime Lutz can be reached at jaime.lutz@globe.com.