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Between 80 and 100 protesters claiming to be activists of the Occupy movement have rushed onto Dewey Sqaure after marching through the Back Bay and downtown Boston with signs and banners.

After a slow march that ended in a sprint, some protesters shouted “Weclome home, Occupy” as they reached the green space from which the protest group was removed from last month. Others planted a flag reading “Occupy Boston at Dewey Square.”

The group started the demonstration at Copley Square at about 7 p.m.

Boston Police officers on bicycles and in cruisers followed the crowd. Police were following the march to keep an eye on the demontration’s safety.


“They are allowed to peaceably assemble to 11 then this park is closed,” Lieutenant Detective Robert Merner.

Protesters, including a few wearing masks, chanted “1,2,3,4, I declare a class war” and “banks got bailed out we got tear gassed” as they marched and carried an American flag and signs and banners. They included ones that read: “We are the 99 percent;” “Occupying is not a crime;” “Occupy Oakland, occupy everything;” “We are Oakland;” and “Stop the brutality.”

Marchers said they were in solidarity with the Occupy movement in Oakland, where protestors have clashed with police today after some broke into City Hall, stole a flag and set fire to it last night, according to The Associated Press.

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