Governor Deval Patrick has signed a deal to write two more books, the first of which will be a twist on the traditional political pamphlet, published as an electronic book ahead of the November election.

The deal, to be announced today by publisher Hyperion books, is the governor’s second since he took office in 2007. Patrick disclosed in November that he was meeting with publishers on a proposed book about “the politics of conviction.’’

Neither Patrick’s publisher nor his literary agent would disclose Patrick’s advance for the two new titles. He received $1.35 million for “A Reason to Believe,’’ a memoir published last year by that had sold fewer than 10,000 copies as of November, a poor return for the publisher Broadway Books, a division of Random House.


The new deal was signed by a different publisher, Hyperion, a division of the Disney/ABC-Television Group.

The first of his new books will be titled “Faith in the Dream: A Call to Our Nation’s Liberal Majority to Restore American Values.’’ It is scheduled to be published in May, but only in e-book form, sold for $2.99. His agent, Todd Shuster, said it will be about one third the length of a traditional book, the equivalent of about 100 pages. He said Patrick has not finished writing it.

Shuster and Hyperion say the low price and electronic format were chosen to allow for a quicker publication and to reach a more diverse grass-roots audience with which Patrick is known to connect.

The news release from Hyperion promises that the electronic book will become “the launching point for social media interaction with readers that will contribute to the second book,’’ which is due for publication in 2014, both in print and in eBook formats.

“Releasing an electronic exclusive opens up a whole new space,’’ publisher Ellen Archer said in a statement.


Shuster said the second book will tell stories about people, institutions, or political figures who “are fulfilling the dream, living the values, [involved in] fulfilling the responsibility to the next generation.’’

Shuster also represents several Globe authors.

Patrick drew criticism during his first term when he signed his initial book deal in 2008, just hours before lawmakers voted down his high-profile casino gambling proposal. Opponents complained at the time that he was focused on the book and not on Beacon Hill.

Patrick has been traveling out of state extensively during his second term as he attempts to build his profile and campaign on behalf of President Obama’s reelection bid. The latest book appears to compliment those efforts and may heighten speculation about his political aspirations. Last year, he made national media appearances in New York, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles to promote the first book.

“The governor wrote his first book during his personal time and will do so again this time,’’ his spokeswoman Kimberly Haberlin said in an e-mail. “He may do some limited travel to promote the book after it comes out, but nothing is scheduled now. He’s proven himself to be an engaged, full-time governor with an ambitious agenda for Massachusetts, and that’s not going to change.’’

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