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Boston police hope to have website back up soon

Informative site was hacked Friday

The Boston Police Department said yesterday that it hopes to restore its Internet news blog soon, possibly today, and that it is continuing a criminal investigation into the hacking of the site, as well as other instances of tampering with department sites.

“It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a priority,’’ Elaine Driscoll, a department spokeswoman, said of the restoration of the site.

She added in a statement, “We are working closely with federal authorities to determine the facts and circumstances of the incident. . . . We apologize to the community for any inconvenience that this has caused.’’


The group of renegade hackers known as Anonymous claimed credit on Friday for the hacking of BPDnews.com, a site that typically lists crime events and community policing initiatives.

A hacker instead posted a video of hip-hop artist KRS-One rapping about police brutality over images of violent confrontations between police officers and civilians.

The hackers said they attacked the police website in retaliation for the department’s treatment of Occupy Boston, the group of protestors that was forced out of Dewey Square in December by police.

The Anonymous group also claimed credit for the interception of a call last month between the FBI and Scotland Yard.

The group has been under investigation for hacking into a police union website and releasing hundreds of e-mail addresses and passwords of patrol officers, and the department has been investigating whether Internet threats were made against officers during the protests in Dewey Square.

Driscoll said that the criminal investigation continues and that the most recent hacking will become part of the probe. She said the latest hacking was particularly frustrating because hackers affected the department’s attempts to communicate with the community, the type of transparency that the protesters have accused the department of lacking.


The department has been working with the site developers to increase security.

“We’ve had an ongoing criminal investigation relative to individuals who may have released personal information about officers, and who have made threats against officers,’’ Driscoll said. “This is an additional activity that has occurred that will be part of that already ongoing investigation.’’

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