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Boston cat unscathed after fall from 19-story building

A four-year-old cat, Sugar, survived a fall from the 19th floor of an apartment building in Boston's West End.Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

A Boston cat made a “purrfect” landing -- on her feet, of course -- emerging mostly unscathed after falling 19 stories from her owner’s high-rise apartment.

Brittney Kirk held Sugar after the cat’s fall.Wendy maeda/Globe Staff

A woman on the second floor of the building at 10 Emerson Place in the West End saw something fall past her window Wednesday afternoon and ran to see what it was, said Brian O’Connor, rescue services manager for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Looking down, the woman saw a white cat directly below. The cat, named Sugar, had landed on a soft patch of grass and mulch and appeared to be fine.

The woman called the lobby, and several people went to usher Sugar inside. They also contacted the Rescue League. They first thought it had fallen from a 6th-story window that was open above where the cat landed.


A closer look revealed that Sugar had suffered some bruising on her lungs, but other than that she was unharmed.

Using a microchip embedded in the animal, the ARL was able to contact her owner, who was at work.

“When she told us she lived on the 19th floor, we were pretty blown away,” said O’Connor.

Sugar landed on the soft patch, which was surrounded by concrete and not far from traffic-heavy Storrow Drive.

“It literally landed in the best spot it could have,” he said.

O’Connor said that because Sugar fell from such a high altitude, she was able to adjust and fall correctly, landing right on her feet and avoiding serious injury. He said the fact she landed on the soft patch was probably just chance.

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