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Summary of Elizabeth Warren’s tax returns from 2008 to 2011

A summary table of federal and state tax returns for Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann is below.

Total Federal Income$831,021$980,670$954,721$616,181
Charitable Contributions$26, 534$24,442$27,816$17,209
Total Federal Tax Paid*$235,382$282,210$267,250$159,207
Total Mass. Tax Due**$43,419$51,345$49,853$31,845
Federal Effective Tax Rate28.32%28.78%27.99%25.84%
Mass. Effective Tax Rate***5.22%5.24%5.22%5.17%

*Excluding self-employment tax

**Before credit for DC taxes

*** Excluding credit for taxes paid to DC

(a) The 2011 effective rate is 2% less than the 2010 rate due to there being a deduction for a retirement plan (SEP) contribution in 2011.

Source: Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts