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Wedding party erupts in fight at Danversport Yacht Club

What began as a wedding party at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers Saturday night turned into a battle royale and ended with two women, including the groom’s mother, in handcuffs.

When officers arrived at the yacht club just after midnight Sunday for a report of an “out of control’’ groom, police found a melee, with party guests yelling and wrestling on the ground, but did not find the groom.

Instead, officers saw the groom’s mother - Darlene M. DeIorio, 45, of Revere - “attempting to punch a female at the bottom of the pile,’’ according to the police report of the incident. Officers broke up the fight, and escorted DeIorio outside.


DeIorio allegedly reentered the function hall, threw a chair across the floor, and began to attack a woman. Officers then arrested DeIorio and charged her with disorderly conduct.

While officers were arresting DeIorio, the report states, her mother and another woman “attempted to interfere with the arrest’’ by trying to pull officers away from DeIorio. Police said the third woman was the groom’s brother’s date, Paige Cinelli, 18, of Revere.

After the officers put DeIorio into the back of a cruiser, Cinelli allegedly reentered the hall and “began to scream at a female and then walked up and began assaulting her,’’ the report said.

Cinelli was also arrested. The groom’s brother was placed in protective custody because, police said, he was intoxicated and was “starting to get other people wound up.’’

When an officer returned to the parking lot, he found that DeIorio had gotten her cuffed hands in front of her and was punching the cruiser’s windows. DeIorio’s mother demanded that the officer release her daughter. According to the report, she told officers that she worked for the attorney general’s office.


While an officer was taking DeIorio to the police station for booking, she “was very loud and screaming . . . and made several sexually explicit statements,’’ the report said. DeIorio was booked after a brief struggle with officers, according to police.

Based on interviews with witnesses, police said tensions at the yacht club began to rise when a bartender refused to serve the groom’s brothers.

“The incident began when the groom’s two brothers attempted to buy alcohol at the bar, but were denied because they did not have identification or were not of the legal age,’’ the report said. “The groom became irate and went over to either the bartender or the manager and yelled at her.’’

The groom then went to the coat room, where he punched the wall and began to tear the room apart, police said. While in the coat room, the groom punched the bride’s brother, who then wrestled him to the ground “in an attempt to calm him down.’’ The large fight began, according to the report, when DeIorio “attacked’’ the mother of the bride.

DeIorio pleaded not guilty to the charges at her arraignment Monday in Salem District Court and was released on a bail warning. She is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on June 15. Because Cinelli is a first-time offender under 21, she chose to participate in a youthful diversion program.

Colin A. Young can be reached at Globe correspondent Susannah Blair contributed to this report.