First Baptist's organ has a new home.

On Easter Sunday, the Globe brought you the story of a Jamaica Plain church in the midst of an unlikely resurrection after a devastating fire in 2005. Despite its tiny congregation, First Baptist found the funds to rebuild. It also found a replacement for its magnificent, 1859 pipe organ - the parish's pride and joy.

A church in Harlem donated a similar behemoth of an instrument, and the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation agreed to house the organ's countless pieces in the shuttered Blessed Sacrament Church nearby until First Baptist was fully rebuilt.

There it sat for five years, until a couple of months ago, when the development corporation delivered some bad news: Construction was to begin at Blessed Sacrament, and the organ had to go.


This led to a feverish search for a new home by parishioners, which led to offers of space, including one from a man named Mark Silverman, who owns Mark's Moving and Storage, in Westborough.

Silverman is not into organ music, but he does like a good cause. So on Wednesday morning, one of his tractor-trailers pulled up to Blessed Sacrament, and organ specialists began loading it up. A second truck was needed, but the pipe organ finally made it to Westborough on Thursday. There it will stay, until the people of First Baptist find the money to finish rebuilding the church and pay the whopping $750,000 to reassemble the organ. "I'm optimistic,'' says Pastor Ashlee Wiest-Laird.

Why wouldn't she be?

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