Who says high school teachers can’t bust a move?

A prank video created by teachers at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester shows them dancing behind unsuspecting students in hallways, in the band room, and in front of an art-storage closet.

Now, the clip has gone viral after it aired on national television.

The video, “Teachers Dancing Behind Students,’’ was featured Tuesday on NBC’s “Today’’ show. Since then, “Good Morning America’’ and a slew of local news stations have asked to broadcast the video, which had garnered nearly 55,000 hits on YouTube by the evening.


The title pretty much says it all: As students reflect on their favorite memories of the school year, teachers perform their best moves in the background - among them, the macarena, funky chicken, sprinkler, and body roll - to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.’’

“It’s pretty amazing,’’ Christopher Kursonis, the high school principal, said by telephone. “One minute, we just have a little video that we did for ourselves, and the next minute . . . people can see it all over the globe.’’

Mike Penney, the school’s film history teacher, shot the video for the school’s annual end-of-year film festival, where it is a tradition for teachers to make their own funny video. (Last year’s submission: a spoof of “The Godfather.’’)

Penney believes the video has attracted so much attention because it punctures stereotypes of teachers as fuddy-duddies.

“To see them cut loose and get the students in a prank for once, instead of the other way around, is maybe a novelty,’’ he said.