Weather unlikely to stop Fourth of July fireworks on Esplanade

The legendary fireworks show over the Esplanade is expected to go on as scheduled despite the threat of bad weather, officials said.

Steve MacDonald, spokesman for Boston 4th Productions, said any cancellation would be a last minute decision, but forecasters are predicting late afternoon thunderstorms on Wednesday with clearer skies by the time the fireworks show begins about 10:30 p.m.

“It will be a call made on the best information available, we will consult with our weather forecasters and a team of public safety officials before any decision is made,” said MacDonald. “As always, the main thing is public safety. We are not going to endanger the public.”


MacDonald said lightning and strong winds would force a cancellation but light rain would not stop the 20-minute fireworks show.

About 10,000 fireworks will be launched from seven barges on the Charles River.