Troubles in paradise Rep. Tierney somehow missed

Review finds congressman had many chances to learn of illegal actions by his wife’s brothers — and by her

US Representative John Tierney's and his wife, Patrice's, links to an illegal gambling empire:
May 1978
Brothers Robert and Daniel Eremian arrested at estate on Maine coast after federal agents seize nine tons of marijuana from nearby boat. Robert gets four years in prison, Daniel three years' probation.
Salem attorney John F. Tierney represents Patrice M. Chew — sister of Robert and Daniel Eremian — in divorce proceedings that end 25 years of marriage. Tierney and Chew begin dating.
June 1996
Patrice Tierney's son, John Chew, flees to Antigua to continue working for "Uncle Bob" Eremian's gambling operation after state troopers raid Massachusetts headquarters.
November 1996
In rematch, Tierney defeats Republican Peter Torkildsen to win seat in Congress.
April 1997
John Tierney weds Patrice Chew. That same year, Bob Eremian is under intensive federal investigation for alleged illegal gambling.

US Representative John F. Tierney and bride Patrice celebrate following their wedding ceremony on Sunday, April 6, 1997.

January 1998
Bob Eremian boasts that he has 25 operators in Antigua taking bets on sports events from Americans in a Page One New York Times article. Betting on sports is illegal in the United States. That same year, he is indicted on charges related to gambling.
John and Patrice Tierney visit Bob Eremian in Antigua.
June 2002
Bob Eremian pleads guilty to tax evasion and is sentenced to two years' probation. Judge allows him to return to Antigua.
Patrice Tierney takes over account for brother Bob Eremian, managing $7 million in Eremian's money over the next six years, writing occasional checks to a sham company controlled by Eremian.
March 2003
Bob Eremian helps fund Antigua Online Gambling Association to press for legalization of online gambling in the US.

Tierney's stepson Chew receives last known check as a gambling debt collector for Bob Eremian. He continues to live in Eremian's Lynnfield house until late 2011.

January 2006
State Police raid the Beverly home of Eremian's business partner, Todd Lyons, seizing $90,000 in cash and 11 notebooks containing client names.
July 2006
Representative Tierney votes against Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, which passes and becomes one of the laws his brothers-in-law are charged with breaking.
October-November 2009
John and Patrice Tierney visit Bob Eremian in Antigua again at the same house where Eremian runs Sports Off Shore, the online sports betting service under federal investigation.
August 2010
Bob and Dan Eremian are indicted on racketeering, illegal gambling, and other charges related to Sports Off Shore.
October 2010
Patrice Tierney pleads guilty to aiding and abetting Robert Eremian in filing false tax returns. She is sentenced to a month in federal prison and two years' probation. John Tierney insists he had no knowledge of his wife's activities, saying the couple has a "21st century marriage."
December 2011
Daniel Eremian is convicted of illegal gambling and other charges. Robert remains a fugitive in Antigua.
July 2012
After being sentenced to three years in prison, Daniel Eremian says that John Tierney "knew everything" about the Eremians' activities. Bob Eremian backs up his brother, but neither provides details.
July 2012
Tierney insists he knew nothing about his relatives' illegal gambling operation until shortly before his brothers-in-law were charged.

Suzanne Kreiter for The Boston Globe

Congressman John Tierney met with the media to address claims by his brothers-in-law.

Javier Zarracina, Patrick Garvin/Globe Staff