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Springsteen fans find their paradise outside of Fenway Park

Bruce Springsteen performed the first of two shows at Fenway Park Tuesday.Barry Chin/Globe staff

The cheers of “Bruuuuuce” reverberated off the brick walls of Fenway Park as Bruce Springsteen emerged from underneath the baseball shrine to hop into an SUV that would transport him to the outfield stage.

But the frenzied fans who greeted and shook hands with him did not even have tickets. These “concert goers,” who were camped on Van Ness Street, were sitting outside — opting to listen to the show from the backstreets.

“I’ve found that from outside you can hear well enough to still share in the experience,” Michael Butler, 37, of Boston, said as the band breezed through “Promised Land” to open the concert. “We’re talking music here, it’s an audio thing, and I can hear the show fine.”


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are in Boston for two concerts at the historic ballpark. Some fans outside the venue Tuesday evening said the best seat in the house was actually outside of it. And hundreds shared the experience on Tuesday, some sitting, some walking around, and some even dancing in the dark.

“In many ways, it is the nature of Fenway,” 39-year-old Mike Silberstein, of Chestnut Hill, said. “It’s a small venue within an urban environment so I can simply park my seat here and enjoy.”

Other fans, some of whom know from previous shows, said Van Ness Street is the best spot for an out-of-the-park concert experience.

“Acoustically, this is the best area,” Stephen Gaun, 47, of Boston, said. “We are in poor man’s, or listener’s, row.”

Colin A. Young