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Mother says her loving daughter deserves a nice Christmas

Six-year-old Ellie Chen of Brookline told Globe Santa her Christmas wishes at Copley Place.
Mary O’Connor for The Boston Globe
Six-year-old Ellie Chen of Brookline told Globe Santa her Christmas wishes at Copley Place.

Typical of the dozens of letters Globe Santa receives each year from parents seeking help in providing Christmas gifts for their children is this one from a 30-year-old single mother of “an exceptionally beautiful, loving, and intelligent 12-year-old daughter. I am writing to you because it’s been a rough year for both of us personally and financially.

“I have been out of work and in the meantime I decided to go back to college to finish earning my bachelor’s degree. I know by doing so that it will open many doors in the work force for me.”

Her letter written on Oct. 4 goes on to say “I struggle every week to make ends meet. I know that since I can barely afford our living expenses, there is no way I can give [my daughter] a Christmas she deserves.


“I know that Christmas is not about the presents, and [my daughter] does too. She is so selfless, she has told me she doesn’t need any presents this year.”

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The mother then adds that her daughter “may not need them but she certainly deserves them.”

The mother’s letter then goes on to say that her daughter “has had to deal with some grown-up issues this year. A couple of examples are our financial trouble that she realizes is going on despite my best efforts to shield her from [them].”

“Secondly, her dad has become engaged and she is trying her best to adjust to the change. It hasn’t been easy for her, especially since he has moved in with his fiancee.”

The mother’s letter continues by pointing out what she described as “one last example of an ordeal she has handled with strength and grace is the unexpected sudden illness of her grandmother last week. They were very close and unfortunately she passed away on Sunday night.”


The mother said her daughter did a reading at the funeral even though she was terrified to speak publicly.

“I was so proud of her,” the mother said.

Finally, the mother had an entreaty: Her daughter, she said, “really deserves a nice Christmas this year, and it hurts so much that I can not afford to give it to her. That is why I am asking for your help.”

“Please, Globe Santa, help me make this Christmas a special one for my daughter. I want to end a stressful and sometimes sad year with a happy holiday, but I can’t do that without your help. I would appreciate anything you can do for us.”