Harvard College investigating anti-Semitic flyers allegedly distributed in student housing

Harvard College is actively investigating anti-Semitic flyers that were allegedly distributed in numerous student housing buildings this morning, according to Evelynn M. Hammonds, dean of Harvard College.

Sealed invitations advertising a new social group, “The Pigeon,” were allegedly slid under students’ doors, stating that “Jews need not apply,” according to reports by the Harvard Crimson. The club advertised itself as Harvard’s newest finals club.

“The content of these flyers, as reported in the Crimson, is deeply disturbing to many of us in the Harvard College community,” said Hammonds in a statement condemning the flyers. “As an institution of higher learning, we are committed to engendering and safeguarding the free expression of ideas, including those that we might find offensive. This commitment should not be mistaken, however, for the tacit approval of all speech that occurs on our campus. On the contrary, it comes with an opportunity, and at times a responsibility, to speak up.”


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