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David Wilson for The Boston Glob

Aug. 25, 2012

Carnival is about the music. Masqueraders take to the road, win’ing — dancing — behind trucks thumping soca beats. As the music takes hold, masqueraders release their inhibitions, becoming “wotless” — good for just one thing, fun.

Ah wotless

Right now I just wotless…

I’m winning away,
so nice, so nice, so nice.

Sweat dripping on meh, but it’s alright, alright,


And ah feel like, I just win a million dollars!

Everybody watching meh, wearing a million colours!

You wanna talk? Talk bout dis.

Cause when ah wine you go … Talk bout dat

When ah getting on you go… Talk bout dis


Call yuh friends and den… Talk bout dat

Down south dey go…Talk bout dis.

Up town dey done…Talk bout dat.

YOU! I don’t care what you say!

Cause right now I just


And I don’t really care less

“Wotless”—Kes the Band

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