Brownsville, Vt.

Alliance leads to new volume from Iraqi poet

Mount Ascutney is unusual among Vermont’s oddly shaped hills for its symmetry. From Peter Money’s window, it looks like a pyramid. Money, a published poet and teacher, says that’s enough to establish a connection between his rural home on a Vermont hillside and the Middle East. It’s a connection that has borne fruit in the form of a new volume of poetry, translated from Arabic: ‘‘Nostalgia, My Enemy,’’ by the prize-winning Iraqi poet Saadi Youssef, published by Greywolf Press. Money’s interest in Youssef’s work was kindled as the United States prepared for war with Iraq. Through a friend in England, Money was put in touch with Youssef, who fled his native country in 1979. Money said he speaks ‘‘about three words of Arabic,’’ yet he is listed with Sinan Antoon as a translator. Money, who studied with the Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg and teaches poetry at Lebanon College in nearby New Hampshire, said he tried to add his own understanding to the words translated and forwarded to him by Antoon.