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Three men and a teenager were arrested in Stoughton Saturday night after a baby shower with about 200 guests turned into a club-wide brawl, according to Stoughton police.

Authorities said a Stoughton police officer witnessed a small fight break out near the bar area inside the baby shower’s venue, Club Luis De Camoes on Porter Street, on Saturday night just after 11 p.m. The fight started after uninvited guests allegedly crashed the party.

According to the police report, about 20 or 30 people were standing in a circle watching the fight, where a flying beer bottle narrowly missed striking a bartender behind the counter. A police officer saw someone pick up a chair as if to throw it and escorted him out of the club, according to Stoughton police Sergeant Daniel McGowan.


McGowan said the officer called for backup after taking the man out of the club and preventing another fight between him and several other men who followed them out of the bar.

However, when McGowan and other Stoughton police officers arrived at the club around 11:45 p.m., they saw another fight starting inside the club near the emergency exit door at the back of the building. The officers entered through the emergency exit and witnessed 200 partygoers brawling amid balloons and pink tablecloths, McGowan said.

“There were people fighting everywhere: men and women,” he said, noting that there were also many children, senior citizens, and pregnant women in attendance. “The women had their shoes off and were pulling hair and throwing punches.”

Police attempted to use a taser on two people, and were able to successfully subdue one, while simultaneously trying to herd people out of the club. Nearly 30 other police officers rushed to the scene to help, including Massachusetts State Police and authorities from Canton, Easton, and Randolph, McGowan said.


“It was a very chaotic scene,” he said. “They were all screaming and shouting and wailing, and it made it very difficult to decipher exactly who was fighting and who was just screaming.”

Police arrested three Brockton men: Patrick Cardoso Lopes, 24; Paulo Pires Depina, 24; and Aderito Lopes Deandrade, 22. Authorities also arrested a 14-year-old male teenager.

All four were charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer.

Deandrade, Lopes and the teenager were also charged with obstruction of justice, and Lopes was additionally charged with intimidation of a witness.

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