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Student office vandalized at Boston College Law School

Vandals scrawled homophobic words over the weekend on the walls of a ­Boston College Law School office where a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual student group meets, BC officials said.

Jack Dunn, a spokesman for BC, said the graffiti was found Tuesday morning in the office of the Lambda Law Students Association. The office and the building doors were unlocked, he said, and Boston College police are investigating.

Jason Triplett, a Lambda association cochairman, said he never thought something like that would happen at BC Law School, and that he has always felt safe on campus.

Triplett said Vincent Rougeau, dean of BC Law School, left a faculty meeting the moment he was notified about the graffiti Tuesday.


“The administration responded immediately,” Triplett said. “Everyone involved is ­really shocked by this.”

Triplett said he does not think the office was necessarily targeted because of its use by the Lambda group.

The office, which is near all other student offices, was the only one unlocked, he said. In addition to the homophobic language, there were racial slurs written on the walls.

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