BEDFORD, N.H. — Former congressional candidate Jennifer Horn on Saturday was elected chairwoman of New Hampshire’s Republican Party, which suffered significant losses in last year’s election.

‘‘From now on they [the Democratic Party] don’t define us; we will define them,’’ Horn told a crowd of about 430 voting members at the party’s annual meeting. ‘‘We must put to rest forever the idea that the Republican Party is the party that doesn’t care, doesn’t care about women, doesn’t care about children, doesn’t care about minorities . . . that the Republican Party is the party of old white guys.’’

The meeting looked at why Democrats were successful across the state and nation last year and what Republicans can do better in 2014.


Democrats won both US House seats and the governor’s office in New Hampshire last year.

Outgoing chairman Wayne MacDonald, who did not seek another term, said the party needs to reach groups that typically do not vote Republican and to stand behind ‘‘the values that give our party its purpose.’’

Horn is a former radio talk show host, newspaper columnist, and heads We the People, a nonprofit that aims to increase civic engagement and educate the public on limited government and other ideas. She won the job over Andrew Hemingway of Bristol, a former Newt Gingrich campaign worker.

As the 2008 Republican nominee in the 2nd Congressional District, Horn lost to Democrat Paul Hodes.