3 killed, at least 144 injured in Boston Marathon blasts

Updated: April 16, 11:01 AM

Two explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line killed at least three people and injured at least 176.

Marathon finish line
Of the 23,326 who started the marathon, 17,584 finished; 4,496 did not. The last people crossed the finish line at 2:57 p.m.
Boylston Street and Exeter Street
The first explosion occurred a few hundred feet short of the finish line at about 2:50 p.m. on the corner of Boylston Street and Exeter Street.
Boylston Street and Ring Road
The second explosion, just 13 seconds later, occurred further from the finish line near Boylston Street and Ring Road.
Hotel evacuations
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Lenox Hotel were evacuated shortly after the bombings.

Chiqui Esteban, Gabriel Florit, Alvin Chang / Globe Staff