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Revere man not suspected in bombing

REVERE — The Saudi Arabian man whose apartment was searched by Boston Marathon bombing investigators is not a person of interest in the continuing search for the persons responsible for Monday’s terrorist attack.

“He has been checked out,’’ said a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation. “He is not involved. He is just a victim.’’

Earlier today, Mohammed Bodawood, told the Globe he doubted there was a link between his roommmate and the bombings.

“I don’t think he could do that,’’ Bodawood told the Globe.

Bodawood described the man as a devout Muslim who is 20 years old and a fan of soccer.


Also earlier today, a spokesman for the Saudi embassy in Washington said US officials had told the embassy Monday night that the man was not a suspect and was cooperating with the investigation.

“He’s been fully cooperating with authorities. We were informed by US authorities that no Saudi is a suspect,” said Nail Aljubeir.

“We want to know about it [the investigation] as much as everybody else. “We’re working very closely with US authorities on this. As of yesterday, we were informed that there were no Saudi suspects. He’s more a witness than anything else,” he said.

Aljubeir lamented that some news organizations published reports that a Saudi was a suspect, saying it endangered people at a time when Saudi-US relations are improving in part because of a concentrated effort to send more Saudi students to study in the United States and get to know America.

“It is a concern,” he said. “We’re concerned about the backlash against students based on a false story.”

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