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When the SWAT team knocks

Boston Globe food editor Sheryl Julian lives in Watertown and while she and her husband, Stephen Meuse, were absorbing all the SWAT team and police activity Friday morning around their neighborhood, suddenly there was a knock at their door.

“The SWAT team knocked on every door,” Julian said. “They came in but they didn’t go through the house. We told them we had been through the basement. They went through the garage, in every bush, the whole team, rifles poised, through every single inch of this neighborhood. And every single inch of our house outside.”

They were very calm, just having a conversation when they came to the door.


“They asked, ‘Have you seen anyone? Have you checked around? Very polite.’”

They were going from door to door.

And then, just as quickly, they were gone.

“It was very quiet.”

But not long after, the activity was back.

“The helicopters are getting closer and closer,” Julian said. “They are over our house. It feels like a helicopter is on our roof.” — Doug Most