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Ex-officers raising money for Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez with strong anti-Obama rhetoric.

A group of former Navy SEALs and intelligence officers is asking for donations for one of their former colleagues, Republican Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez, saying his victory in the special election would deliver “a devastating blow to Barack Obama’s agenda.”

The fundraising letter from the group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, bashes Obama for his “sheer arrogance” and “radically liberal agenda.”

“This is no game,” writes Ryan K. Zinke, the group’s chairman, in a letter that asks donors to give up to $5,000 to Gomez’s campaign. “We are fighting for the very survival of the nation you and I love.”


Gomez, a former Navy SEAL, was a spokesman for the conservative group during the 2012 presidential election, when it accused Obama of exploiting the killing of Osama bin Laden and endangering troops for political purpose.

But the group’s fiercely anti-Obama rhetoric stands in sharp contrast to the letter Gomez sent to Governor Deval Patrick in January, asking the Democratic governor to appoint him interim senator.

In that letter, Gomez said he supported Obama in 2008 and pledged to support the president’s positions on gun control and immigration in the Senate. Gomez also argued that, instead of delivering a blow to Obama’s agenda, his service in the Senate “would be good for the Democrats as well, since it is in everyone’s interest to have the two parties at the negotiating table.”

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