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The candidates for US Senate, in brief:

Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel GomezBarry Chin/Globe Staff

Gabriel E. Gomez


Age: 47

Town: Cohasset

Background: Former Navy SEAL and private equity investor

What he’s running on: Biography. He’s not a “career politician.” Wants to “reboot” Congress with a lifetime ban on lobbying; term limits, and a pay freeze.

Potential weakness: He alienated conservatives by supporting President Obama in 2008 and praising Democratic Governor Deval Patrick in a letter seeking appointment to the Senate.

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Michael Sullivan
Michael SullivanBarry Chin/Globe Staff

Michael J. Sullivan


Age: 58

Town: Abington

Background: Former state and federal prosecutor, legislator, and acting director of ATF

What he’s running on: Experience, calling himself “tested and trusted.” He touts his tough-on-crime background but dismisses new gun control proposals as ineffective.


Potential weakness: Conservative bent, close ties to former President George W. Bush’s administration, could make him unappealing to general election voters in liberal Massachusetts.

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Daniel Winslow
Daniel WinslowBarry Chin/Globe Staff

Daniel B. Winslow


Age: 54

Town: Norfolk

Background: State representative, onetime judge, former lawyer for Governor Mitt Romney’s administration.

What he’s running on: A socially progressive and fiscally conservative platform. Limited government, simplified tax code that ends corporate welfare and cuts corporate tax rates.

Potential weakness: His one liners and quick wit have brought him endorsements but little momentum and his ideas are often dismissed as gimmicks by his colleagues.

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Stephen Lynch
Stephen LynchBarry Chin/Boston Globe

Stephen F. Lynch


Age: 55

Town: South Boston

Background: Congressman, former legislator and onetime ironworker

What he’s running on: His underdog status and reputation as a fighter. The conservative Democrat is known for bucking his party in D.C., even on high-profile issues such as Obamacare.

Potential weakness: He has lost support from unions over issues like Obamacare and may have muddled his message to voters when he dropped his opposition to abortion during this campaign.


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Edward Markey
Edward MarkeyBarry Chin/Globe Staff

Edward J. Markey


Age: 66

Town: Malden

Background: Congressman and former state legislator

What he’s running on: Longtime liberal record on issues from gun control to climate change to abortion rights.

Potential weakness: His 36 years in Congress are derided by rivals who seek to portray him as part of the dysfunction in D.C.

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