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Man pursued, shot by guard after crash

Suspect taken in Dorchester

An ambulance left the Harbor Point apartment complex area in Dorchester following a crash and shooting.Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

A private security guard at Dorchester's Harbor Point apartment complex shot a driver who left the scene of an accident Monday night, leaving the man with a minor head wound, Boston police said.

The man fled after the crash inside the complex area that caused minor injuries to four people in the other vehicle, includ­ing a child, Police Superintendent William B. Evans said at the scene.

Evans said Harbor Point ­security guards located the suspect's vehicle after the crash, which occurred around 8 p.m., and pursued it onto Mt. Vernon Street, between Harbor Point and the John W. McCormack Middle School.


A confrontation ensued, and a guard fired a shot at the vehicle, Evans said. The man was unarmed, ­Evans said, but ­apparently tried to use his vehicle as a weapon.

Evans described the driver's injury as a "very minor, possibly grazed wound."

Details were not immediately available Monday night on the identity of the suspect and if he had been arrested.

Several Boston and State ­Police cruisers were at the scene, and two Boston Emergency Medical Services ambulances left about 15 minutes apart.

Neither ambulance used its flashing lights or siren. A man visible through the window of the second ambulance appeared to be wearing a security guard's uniform.

Harbor Point resident ­Inphenitee Thomas-Harrison, 16, said she was shaken by the violence. "I lived here nearly my whole life, never heard a shot before," she said.

Thomas-Harrison said she was walking with a friend when she heard gunfire nearby.

"I ran for my life," she said. "I don't know what happened to my friend."

Resident Teofilo "Papo" ­Sanabria said he heard "a pop," but initially thought it was just fireworks.

"I grew up here back in the '70s, and I know how it was back in the '70s; this is heaven" compared to that, he said. "Usually things like this don't [happen]."


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