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Hyde Park resident, called a quiet man, fatally shot at home

A man shot to death late Wednesday night in Hyde Park was described by neighbors as a quiet guy who recently took to reading the Bible.

“He had this turnaround; He didn’t work on Sundays and seemed to become dedicated recently, in the past month or so,” said Edward Wallace, referring to his neighbor at 633 Cummins Highway.

The man was fatally shot late Wednesday night, in an apparently targeted attack, officials said. Police have not officially released the victim’s name.

The victim, in his 20s, was found suffering from several gunshot wounds and was rushed to Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital where he was pronounced dead, the 22d homicide victim this year, compared with 19 at the same point in 2012, according to police.


Wallace said he was startled by the sound of rapid gunfire and fled to the back of his apartment on the third floor. Police arrrived within minutes.

He said there were about nine shots fired through the first floor window overlooking Cummins Highway. The victim’s bedroom is on the other side of the window. Wallace said he often tapped on the window to get his friend’s attention and knew that the victim spent a lot of time sitting on his bed near the window.

“You would have to think that someone else also knew that he slept there, because the bullet holes through the screen, were right there, man,” Wallace said.

Residents said the victim lived with siblings and his mother in an apartment that had little furniture.

Wallace said he did not see his friend being carried by paramedics, but he heard a lot of screaming.

“They were female voices, very loud. They kept saying, ‘Oh, my God, someone help.”

No arrests have been made, police said.

“If you ask me, this was a point-blank assasination,” Wallace said, sitting on the porch of the multifamily home.


That general section of Cummins Highway, extending from Harvard Street to Blue Hill Avenue, has had numerous shootings, some of them fatal, as well as stabbings and other violent acts in recent years.

In 2006, two teenagers, Emmanuel Saintil, 14, and Hardy Celestin, 17, were fatally shot in separate incidents. In 2008, Victor Torres, 21, was fatally shot, and in 2010, Deyquan Gomez, 14, was fatally shot.

“It’s terrible around here,” lamented one female resident who declined to give her name out of fear. “We hear the gunfire all the time.”

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