John Martorano, who has admitted to killing 20 people, has implicated Bulger in 11 of those slayings, saying Bulger wanted him to kill their rivals and associates who cooperated with the FBI. Martorano admitted to killing John Callahan, an associate and close friend of Martorano, out of fear that Callahan would cooperate with authorities investigating an Oklahoma murder.

Expected today

Martorano is expected to undergo intense cross-
examination by Bulger lawyer Hank Brennan, who has accused Martorano of being a mass murderer who killed people to benefit himself. Brennan also accused Martorano of shaping his testimony to favor prosecutors. Bulger’s defense team has asked the judge to instruct jurors that witnesses who made deals with prosecutors may “exaggerate what others did because they wanted to help themselves.” Forensic analysts may also testify.