For the first time in 31 years, Bulger came face to face with John Martorano, his onetime friend and an admitted murderer who agreed to testify against Bulger after learning Bulger was working as an informant for the FBI. “It broke my heart,” said Martorano, now 72. Martorano, who has admitted to committing 20 murders, said 11 of them were committed with Bulger. He served 12 years in prison after agreeing to testify against Bulger and his corrupt FBI handler, John Connolly Jr.

Expected today

Martorano is slated to testify about crimes he allegedly committed with Bulger as a partner of the Winter Hill gang in the 1970s. Martorano had fled a 1979 federal indictment and wasliving in Florida when he was captured in 1995. He is expected to testify that he and Bulger killed suspected informants based on information from Connolly.