Day 7


Jurors heard from victims and victims’ families. Ralph DeMasi described being shot eight times while in a car. Diane Sussman de Tennen said that Michael Milano was an innocent victim when he was sprayed with bullets in the car they were riding in. Her boyfriend, Louis Lapiano, was paralyzed; she was shot in the arm. Also, Charles Rasso, a bookmaker, testified that he had to pay rent to Bulger’s crew.

Expected Friday


Prosecutors plan to introduce Bulger’s FBI informant file as evidence. The file lists the information Bulger provided to the FBI, though he has maintained that the file contains fiction invented by his corrupt handler. Prosecutors also plan to call Frank Capizzi, who was wounded when the car he was riding in on March 1973 in the North End was shot up. Albert Plummer, 49, the intended target, was killed.