Day 8


Jurors heard from Frank Capizzi, who was wounded in the North End shooting that killed Al Plummer, a Bulger rival, in March 1973. Capizzi said he later fled the area for fear of his life. Barbara Sousa testified that her husband James went missing in the early ’70s; he was allegedly ordered killed by Bulger. James Marra, an agent with the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General, said Bulger had an informant file with the FBI.

Expected Monday

Marra is expected to discuss Bulger’s relationship with his FBI handler John J. Connolly Jr., who is in prison for providing Bulger information that led to the alleged killing of an informant. Also, jurors could hear from John Morris, a former FBI supervisor who admitted to pocketing bribes from Bulger and Flemmi and leaking information to them in the 1980s. Morris was never jailed; he was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his cooperation.