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Mayoral candidates’ views on keeping police commissioner Davis

The Boston Globe asked the mayoral candidates if they would keep Commissioner Edward F. Davis in the job?


“I also believe it is important to do a top-to-bottom review of every department to ensure that the city is working for all residents.”

Felix Arroyo , councilor

“He has been accessible. . . . He is very easy to talk to about critical issues.”

John Barros , former Boston School Committee member

“He’s a very strong, highly regarded professional manager.”

Daniel F. Conley , Suffolk district attorney

“He’s always had a steady hand of leadership.”

Robert Consalvo , councilor

“One of the things you want to do is hold on to people who are doing a great job.”


Bill Walczak , cofounder of the Codman Square Health Center

“Commissioner Davis has earned the respect of the people of the city of Boston in the time that he has served here and the people of the world over the past few months.”
Martin Walsh , Democratic state representative from Dorchester


“I would need to think of what changes that the community would want. You have to listen to the community.”

Charles Clemons Jr., community activist

“Commissioner Davis is doing a great job and I have tremendous respect for his work, especially during the Marathon. My focus right now is running for mayor and being a city councilor, not picking a Cabinet.”

John Connolly , councilor

“I like Ed Davis a lot. We work well together. I just want to be able to have a conversation with him, and I also don’t know what he wants to do. . . . I would like to see what his agenda would be should he stay.”

Charlotte Golar Richie , former director of the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development

“I would seriously consider keeping Ed Davis as our police commissioner, but there needs to be greater diversity within the department’s leadership. We need more women and people of color in senior positions. Our Police Department must reflect the diversity of our city.”


Michael Ross , councilor

“As mayor I would like to be fair and give every department head a closed-door session” to discuss policies.

David James Wyatt, Roxbury resident


Councilor Charles Yancey