Day 12


Jurors heard from John Morris, 67, a retired and disgraced FBI agent who was granted immunity for his testimony. Morris, who said he took $7,000 in cash and other gifts from Bulger, testified that the gangster was a prized informant. He also said that he grew concerned that Bulger’s handler, John J. Connolly Jr., had passed along information to Bulger that led to killings. Morris, Connolly’s supervisor, said he wanted to terminate Bulger as an informant but never did.

Expected Friday


Morris is expected to undergo aggressive cross-examination by Bulger’s lawyers, who have already suggested that the former agent has lied and will lie again to benefit himself. The lawyers will try to show that Bulger never provided information to the FBI and that he was paying Morris and Connolly for information to avoid prosecution. Former drug dealers who said Bulger extorted “rent” from them could also testify.