Day 13


Under questioning by Bulger’s defense, disgraced former FBI supervisor John Morris acknowledged that he took cash bribes and gifts from Bulger, and that his meetings with Bulger were often social in nature. Morris also acknowledged that he panicked when Stephen Flemmi, Bulger’s partner, was arrested in 1995, because he feared Flemmi would tell authorities about the bribes they gave to Morris. Bulger’s lawyers sought to show that Bulger was buying information from Morris, but that he did not provide information as an informant.

Expected Monday

Morris will take the stand again, though jurors could also hear from Joe Tower of Florida, a former drug dealer and one of Bulger’s alleged extortion victims. Karen Cody Smith of Maine, the daughter of alleged Bulger murder victim Eddie Connors, may also testify. And Ken Brady of the Plymouth County Correctional Facility could testify about Bulger’s recorded phone conversations from jail since his arrest in June 2011.