Day 15


Karen Smith, the daughter of alleged Bulger victim Eddie Connors, testified about the last time she saw her father in 1975. An investigator from the Plymouth County jail played recordings of Bulger discussing Connors’s killing from jail. William Shea, a former drug dealer, also told jurors that he ran a marijuana and cocaine trafficking operation in South Boston, and that Bulger was ultimately the boss. He said he paid Bulger at one point $10,000 a week.

Expected Monday

Jurors could hear from Kevin Weeks, a loyal tough guy whom Bulger groomed as his successor. Weeks began cooperating with investigators in early 2000 after his own racketeering indictment. After learning that Bulger was an FBI informant, he led investigators to secret graves containing the remains of some of Bulger’s alleged victims. He served five years in prison for being an accessory to five murders and wrote a book about his exploits with Bulger.