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    Security increased for Fourth of July

    Traffic plan
    Restricted area for boats
    450 Memorial Drive
    One Memorial Drive
    Museum Way
    Fireworks barges

    No parking allowed on Memorial Drive, Cambridge Parkway, Riverside Boat Club and Magazine Beach/Pool, and 1 Land Blvd.

    Boating restricted area
    Leverett Circle
    Bowker overpass
    Fireworks barges

    Closure of Storrow Drive extends: no access to Storrow Drive allowed between Leverett Circle and Bowker Overpass.

    The Storrow Drive exit ramp (Liberty Tunnel) from the Tip O’Neill Tunnel shall be closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles.

    Traffic will be allowed to travel on Msgr. O’Brien Highway to Cambridge and Martha Road to Boston.

    The Community Footbridge at Charles Street Circle to the Esplanade shall be closed.

    Mugar Way at Beacon Street shall be closed to all pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians wishing to enter the Esplanade will be directed down Beacon Street to Berkeley Street for entry.

    Boating restricted area
    Museum Way
    Community footbridge
    Fireworks barges

    Right lane of the Charles River Dam Road and Craigie Draw Bridge shall be closed from Museum Way to Leverett Circle. This lane will be designed for emergency vehicles and event staff.

    Restricted area for boats
    Leverett Circle
    Harvard Bridge
    Vassar with Memorial Dr
    BU Bridge
    Main with Ames
    Main with Third
    Land with Binney
    Vassar with Mass. Ave
    Fireworks barges

    Memorial Drive will close eastbound and westbound between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.

    All side streets in the City of Cambridge leading to Memorial Drive will close.

    Vehicle access to One Memorial Drive will be allowed by permit only.

    No access to the Harvard Bridge for vehicles or pedestrians from Beacon Street in Boston to Vassar Street in Cambridge.

    Vassar Street in Cambridge will close from Mass. Ave. to Memorial Drive. Local resident access will be allowed.

    The Longfellow Bridge will close outbound (Boston to Cambridge) to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The inbound side (from Cambridge to Boston) will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

    Access to the Esplanade
    First Aid
    Access to the Oval
    Access to the Lagoon
    Access to the Lagoon
    Exit from the Lagoon

    You will have to decide in advance whether you are going to the Oval or the Lagoon, as both will have separate accesses and you will not be able to walk from one to the other one.

    The access to the Oval will be in front of Berkeley Street, the ones for the Lagoon close to Exeter and Clarendon.

    The only way out from the Lagoon will be over the Fairfield Bridge.

    Banned items on the Esplanade.
    No coolers on wheels.
    No backpacks. All personal items must be carried in clear bags.
    No glass containers or cans. Only clear, sealed containers holding less than half a gallon.
    No firearms, weapons, sharp objects or firefworks.
    No grilling, propane tanks or open flames.

    SOURCES: Department of Conservation and Recreation of Massachusetts, Boston 4 Productions

    Chiqui Esteban, Javier Zarracina/Globe Staff