Day 16


Kevin Weeks, a James “Whitey” Bulger protégé who began cooperating with authorities following his racketeering indictment in 1999, was questioned by the prosecution and Bulger’s attorney, J.W. Carney. Weeks said he did not know Bulger was an informant for the FBI. Weeks also was expected to discuss how he led investigators to an unmarked grave in January 2000, where they uncovered the remains of three alleged victims of Bulger: Arthur “Bucky” Barrett, John McIntyre, and Deborah Hussey. Bulger denies killing Hussey and another woman, Debra Davis. Weeks is expected to testify that he was present in January 1985 when Bulger strangled Hussey inside a South Boston home.


Weeks said he met Bulger while working as a bouncer. Weeks said he first aided Bulger in murder in 1982 in the killings of Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue. Weeks said they later extorted drug dealers and took ownership of a South Boston liquor store by threat.