In ‘Boston Strangler’ case, patience was key

The elusive killer, dubbed the Boston Strangler, preyed upon women between 1962 and 1964. The fear and anxiety practically shouts from the front page of the Globe during that time. Notable examples:

June 15, 1962

The first victim, Anna Slesers, is found, her story appearing at the bottom of the Globe's front page.

Aug. 31, 1962

By the time, authorities had attributed six murders to the Boston Strangler. They later attributed one of those cases to a different murderer.

Sept. 1, 1962

The Globe featured a story about women who lived alone rushing to buy dogs in hope of scaring off the attacker.

Sept. 3, 1962

The city was on edge as police were pursuing suspects.

Sept. 8, 1963

By now, the attacks had strayed outside the city with women found dead in Lynn, Lawrence, and Salem.

Jan. 13, 1967

Albert DeSalvo had been arrested in November 1964 on other charges, 10 months after the last Strangler slaying. Later, he confessed to the Strangler killings to his cellmate.

Jan. 18, 1967

A jury finds DeSalvo guilty on the unrelated charges. He would escape from prison the following month, but give himself up after a day.

Nov. 25, 1973

DeSalvo was found dead. He was 42 years old.

Robert S. Davis, Patrick Garvin/Globe Staff