Day 21


Jurors heard from Richard Evans, retired chief medical examiner, who listed Bulger’s 19 alleged murder victims and the causes of their deaths. Patricia (Lytle) Carlson, John Martorano’s former girlfriend, testified that she received money from Bulger’s crew while Martorano was a fugitive. Former FBI agent Gerald Montanari testified that Edward “Brian” Halloran began cooperating with the FBI just before Bulger allegedly killed him. Bulger was allegedly tipped off that Halloran was an informant.

Expected Tuesday

Jurors could hear from Michael Solimando, a Boston restaurateur who was allegedly menaced by Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi after they allegedly killed his close friend John Callahan. The pair confronted Solimando and extorted an undisclosed amount of cash. Barry Halloran, the brother of alleged Bulger victim Edward “Brian” Halloran, could also testify. Donald DeFago, a retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, could also testify.