Bird sightings

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

Plum Island: Bird reports were sparse last week, although a report from the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge included 52 great egrets, a Cooper’s hawk, 300 black-bellied and 500 semipalmated plovers, 15 lesser yellowlegs, 350 semipalmated sandpipers, 30 white-rumped sandpipers, a pectoral sandpiper, two stilt sandpipers, and 80 short-billed dowitchers.

Duxbury: A report from Duxbury Beach was highlighted by a horned grebe, a peregrine falcon, 300 black-bellied and 670 semipalmated plovers, eight greater yellowlegs, 17 willets, 220 ruddy turnstones, five red knots, 585 sanderlings, 2,100 semipalmated sandpipers, 75 least sandpipers, and 235 short-billed dowitchers.

Westport: Migrants noted at Gooseberry Neck included four Forster’s terns, four black terns, 182 barn swallows, two bank swallows, three Northern rough-winged swallows, a Northern waterthrush, 14 yellow warblers, two American redstarts, and two bobolinks.


Miscellaneous: At Allens Pond in South Dartmouth 18 Forster’s terns were tallied. In Brookline 12 common nighthawks were observed migrating at dusk.

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