Somerville reviews rules for field trips

Somerville officials are reviewing overnight field trip policies after three students were arrested in the rape of a high school freshman at a team-building retreat.

A Student Travel Safety Committee that will include students, school staff, and outside experts is being formed to review the current school policies and procedures and recommend changes, according to a joint announcement on Wednesday from Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi.

The current Somerville schools policy for school-sanctioned overnight trips, approved in 2003, requires trips be approved in advance by the School Committee but offers no specific standards regarding supervision, other than stating that “overnight accommodations should be made in advance with student safety and security in mind.” The policy does call for pre-trip background checks of non-school-department drivers and companies used on trips.


The alleged attacks at Camp Lenox occurred “yards, if not feet away” from adult coaches, Curtatone previously told the Globe. The retreat had a total of 20 adults, including coaches, volunteers, and a trainer, to supervise the 165 players, Pierantozzi said.