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Two accused of trying to sell drug Molly

Pair arrested at nightspot in Seaport district

Joseph Doolin (left), 36, of Quincy and Daniel Milisi, 29, of South Boston were arraigned in District Court in South Boston Monday. They pleaded not guilty. Milisi was held on $2,500 bail. Doolin was freed after posting $540 bail.Ted Fitzgerald/POOL

Two men were arraigned Monday in South Boston on charges of agreeing to sell $150 of the club drug known as Molly to an undercover Boston police officer.

Daniel Milisi, 29, of South Boston and Joseph Doolin, 36, of Quincy were arrested Friday night at Whiskey Priest, a bar in the Seaport District, after police lured Milisi there to make a Molly buy. Both men pleaded not guilty.

Police say that Milisi had 1.5 grams of MDMA powder in a plastic bag on him at the time of arrest and that he tried to stuff the bag in his mouth when officers identified themselves. The drug has a street value of $150.


Doolin, who police say drove Milisi to the deal, was arrested in a Chevrolet pickup truck outside the bar. Police found five whole and two partial suboxone pills in a plastic bag in his front pocket, as well as one Percocet pill.

Both men were arraigned and charged with possession with intent to distribute. Milisi was held on $2,500 bail. Doolin was freed after posting $540 bail.

Police have been on heightened alert about Molly, a club drug that is supposedly a pure form of MDMA, or ecstasy, after a woman in Boston suffered a fatal overdose in late August at the House of Blues, and two people died a few days later after a music festival in New York.

This weekend, at the two-day Boston Calling Music Festival on City Hall Plaza, police made 21 drug-related arrests, though none were found in possession of Molly. A police spokesperson said the arrests were for possession of cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs without a prescription, and crystal meth.

Police did provide a “sick assist” to a person who had admitted to taking Molly, but no arrests were made.


Milisi and Doolan were arrested Friday night, as part of an ongoing drug investigation. Using a series of e-mails, texts, and phone calls over a two-day period, Boston police were able to arrange a meeting with Milisi, who identified himself as Dan, on Friday night in the area of Whiskey Priest.

At the time of the arranged meeting, officers watched a silver Chevrolet pickup truck pull up outside Whiskey Priest and received a confirmation from Milisi, who exited the passenger side of the vehicle, that he was at the location, police said. Officers watched him go inside the bar and received another call from Milisi instructing them he was inside waiting next to the women’s bathroom.

When police approached and identified themselves, Milisi allegedly tried to place a small plastic bag from his left hand into his mouth. Officers were able to restrain Milisi and retrieve the plastic bag, which they say contained an off-white substance believed to be Molly.

Officers subsequently approached Doolan, the driver of the pickup, and asked why he was in the area. He allegedly told them he was waiting for his friend Dan.

When informed that Milisi was under arrest, Doolin was asked if there were any drugs or weapons in the vehicle, and he reportedly said no. Doolin was searched, and police say they discovered several suboxone and Percocet pills in his pants.

Judge Jonathan Tynes ordered both men to remain drug-free and stay away from each other until they return to court on Oct. 23.


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