In dual bid, Charles Yancey faces 3 challengers

Three challengers are hoping to unseat Charles Yancey, a 30-year city councilor who — in an unconventional and unprecedented decision — is running for mayor while simultaneously running to keep his council seat.

“My name is Charles Yancey, and I’m running for mayor,” the councilor declares at the start of each mayoral forum.

But, when asked about his dual runs at a recent event, he added: “I’m asking the voters in District 4 to vote for me twice.”

The district, represented by Yancey since 1983, encompasses parts of Dorchester, Roslindale, and Mattapan.

The challengers are Steven Godfrey of Roslindale, who is the executive director of the Community Minority Cultural Center in Lynn; Terrance Williams of Dorchester, who works for the Boston Water and Sewer commission and founded the Mighty Mission Youth Program; and Divo Rodrigues Monteiro of Dorchester, a justice of the peace, notary, and former candidate for state representative who also considered running for mayor and for a citywide council seat.


Each of his opponents have criticized Yancey for running for two offices, and have said that it is time for a change in how the district’s neighborhoods are represented on the council.

“My grandmother always used to say, before she passed, that when you’re sick and tired do something about it,” Williams has said during the campaign.

Even with a slate of candidates opposing him, political observers expect Yancey to easily make it to the general election and consider it probable he will be reelected.

Yancey has faced opposition in the past, including a hotly contested race in 2003 in which he defeated challenger Ego Ezedi by 689 votes.

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