Brunswick, Maine

Bowdoin proposes state’s largest solar power complex

Bowdoin College is hoping to build the largest solar power complex in Maine. The Brunswick school is proposing to build a solar power complex that would generate much of the energy used to provide power for the school’s largest athletic facilities, the college said in a statement. Officials say the 1,300-kilowatt system would be almost eight times larger than any other solar installation in Maine. Part of it would be placed on land the college acquired at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, and panels would be put on the roofs of Farley Field House and Watson Arena. The multimillion dollar project would be financed, built, owned, and maintained by California-based SolarCity Corp., with Bowdoin purchasing all the power generated. The project could generate about 1.6 million-kilowatt hours of electricity, which is about 8 percent of the school’s annual usage. President Barry Mills said the project would reduce Bowdoin’s reliance on fossil fuels while providing meaningful educational opportunities for students and faculty.