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    Kevin Cullen

    Holiday salute for local heroes

    Columbus Day reminds us that the great Italian explorer sailed to America so we can spend three-day weekends watching sensational baseball and football games, and so I can write down random thoughts and call it a column.

    And the Nobel Prize for improbable comebacks goes to. . . Tom Brady and David Ortiz.

    Everybody talks about Marty Walsh cornering the union vote, but he’s got two other hard-to-quantify constituencies that form loyal blocs: cancer survivors and people he’s helped get sober.


    Whenever I need a fix of stupid stories out of Florida, I watch the “local” news on Channel 7.

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    John Farrell should stop shaving.

    Nobody can tell me that Ashmont’s own Jane Richard’s leading the St. Ann’s choir in the national anthem before Sunday’s game didn’t have something to do with the Red Sox comeback.

    If the Sox get to the World Series, I hope they play the Dodgers, because a third of the LA lineup are guys the Sox got rid of so they could get there. Besides, St. Louis fans are way too nice and much harder to mock than people from La La Land.

    Not to be the skunk at the long weekend party, but there’s no way a 1-0 baseball game like Saturday’s should take 3 hours and 56 minutes to play. MLB has to do something, and eliminating or at least reducing warm-up pitches between innings would help. Given the obsession with pitch counts, why do pitchers throw so many extra between innings, anyway?


    And no stepping out of the box between pitches, either. I’m talking to you, Big Papi, and, by the way, thank you very much for that grand slam.

    Today, Oct. 15, on the sixth-month anniversary of the Marathon bombings, the anthology “Our Boston” is published. Contributors, including yours truly, won’t take a dime and proceeds from the book go to the One Fund.

    After watching “Captain Phillips,” it occurred to me that Tom Hanks is incapable of giving a bad performance, and that acting neophyte Barkhad Abdi is a lock for a best supporting actor nomination.

    If you’re going to go see “Gravity,” it’s worth the extra dough to see it at an IMAX. The missus and I saw it in Randolph and it was 27 bucks well spent. But, as the wife asked when the lady handed us the 3D glasses, “Does anybody clean these?”

    Don’t tell anybody, but I’m starting to really like NASCAR.


    Every constitutional officer in the state — that includes you, Deval Patrick — should go to Lawrence and endorse Dan Rivera in his quest to unseat Willie Lantigua as mayor. Lawrence is the state’s basket case and will not progress as long as Slick Willie runs it like Tammany Hall.

    Charlie Baker handled himself well when he dropped into the Eire Pub last week to schmooze with the regulars. Unlike Bill Clinton, he actually drank the Guinness.

    Little-known fact: Steve Abraira, who was loudly and proudly proclaimed as Boston’s first Hispanic fire chief before he left town after his deputies lost confidence in him, doesn’t speak Spanish. But, as he told me, he met a lot of Irish-Americans in Boston who don’t speak Gaelic. So there.

    The get-a-lifers attacking Boston’s police chief, Dan Linskey, as a patronage promotion who should lose his stripes when Mayor Menino steps down didn’t watch him in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings. I did, and Linskey was positively heroic, not just in how he handled himself and his department in helping the wounded and hunting down the bombers, but in how he cared for his traumatized officers in the days that followed.

    Speaking of heroes, next Monday will mark five years since school crossing guard Marie Conley was fatally injured while shielding a 10-year-old boy in a crosswalk outside the Mather Elementary School in Dorchester. The Boston police will soon unveil an award in her name given annually to civilians who embody the selfless sacrifice of Marie Conley. A great memorial to a great lady.

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